Meeting with Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Andrew Bennett

March 9, 2015



On Thursday, February 26, 2015 a meeting at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa was held with the Ambassador for Religious Freedom, His Excellency Andrew Bennett. Roupen Kouyoumdjian and Hagop Arslanian discussed initiatives related to the Centennial Anniversary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in Canada as well as the ongoing, grave threats to Mideast Christians.

The representatives of the Central Committee of the Centennial Committee of the Armenian Genocide highlighted the significance of raising the issue of confiscated Armenian, other Christian, Jewish and Alevi religious properties in Turkey. They urged the Ambassador to secure a certain consistency in having one common measure policy vis a vis the protection of minority rights.

Dr. Bennett demonstrated great understanding of our initiatives on the eve of the centennial anniversary commemorations in Canada as well as the challenges facing the Christians in the Middle East.