AGBU’s New Initiative to Help the Refugees

June 30, 2016

Syrian PHOTO Newsfeed June II

It is a well-known fact that Alex Manoogian school has actively and warmly been welcoming the newly arrived Syrian-Armenians with the help of its integration classes. Throughout the year, the children have been following a francization program and learning the language. In September, some of these students will be ready to attend regular classes. It is therefore important that they do not forget everything they have learned during the summer. With that concern in mind, AGBU has launched a free program, NOVA Summer School. NOVA offers French classes for Alex Manoogian’s students, but also for any of the newly arrived who wish to practice during the summer. There will be tutoring classes and activities aimed at different age groups and run by volunteers eager to help.

NOVA also offers special services aimed at adults or teenagers looking for jobs. CV reviewing workshops and mock interviews will be held at AGBU so as to facilitate the immigrants’ professional integration. With its wide range of activities and services, NOVA is determined to respond to the needs of the newly arrived in an efficient and helpful way.

Sessions and classes are held from Monday through Friday, in the afternoon, until the end of August.