AGBU Montreal

AGBU Montreal is a member of the worldwide family of AGBU institutions and shares the proud heritage of the AGBU in promoting Armenian culture and identity, and in preserving the Armenian heritage.

AGBU Montreal believes that through community involvement and volunteer work Armenian youth are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and to preserve their Armenian roots.

AGBU Montreal sees itself as a natural continuation of the AGBU Alex Manoogian School.  Through offering of youth programs, such as scouting for different age groups, sports activities in various categories and age groups, cultural and social events, through encouraging the activities of Young Professionals, AGBU Montreal offers the opportunity to grow within the community, to nurture our natural talents and to strengthen the future ties with the community in general and our school in particular.

Loyal to the great tradition of the AGBU, AGBU Montreal believes in offering its services to all Armenians without distinction.  Since it is neither a partisan institution, nor an association of Armenians of specific geographic origin, AGBU Montreal believes that its benevolent and charitable mission and strategy of reaching out has the greatest potential appeal for all the different groups within the Armenian communities.

AGBU Montreal believes that the two pillars of Armenian identity are a strong Armenia and a strong Diaspora.  Strong and prosperous Armenian communities in the Diaspora are able to assist Armenia in this difficult period of history.  A strong Armenia is the raison-d’être of all Armenians around the world.  Therefore, a significant component of all the activities and events organized by AGBU Montreal focuses around initiatives related to Armenia, such as exhibitions of works by artists from Armenia, sponsoring of concerts by musicians from Armenia and the Educ-Aid program for Armenian schools.  Our Scouting Movement also organizes regular humanitarian missions to Armenia.

AGBU Montreal also believes that everyone in the Armenian community should have the opportunity to contribute to its advancement. That is why it offers activities and options for all age groups from the 7 year olds in our scouting beaver programs to 90 year old members in our Golden Age group.  Each one is a valuable member and hence should have their efforts recognized and celebrated.